9 May 2011

Deity's Muse live at Seasons Wither 5

Hello friends!

Firstly, before we bombard you with all our latest news we’d just like to thank everyone who supported us at Seasons Wither this past weekend. Thanks for coming out to watch us! We noticed plenty Deity’s Muse shirts being worn on the day too… so a heartfelt thanks from us for representing! See you at Seasons Wither 6 next year I’m sure!

Right, as the title of this week’s newsletter states… lots and lots of news this week including our 10 year anniversary celebration, Rock Out Radio, what the critics are saying about ‘New Trends In Slavery’, upcoming shows and more… so, on with this week’s news then….



That’s right, we may look & feel young and sprightly but July 2011 marks the 10th Anniversary of the first ever live performance by Deity’s Muse. We were a completely different band back then (with nearly completely different members) but we have a reason to celebrate and we’d like to thank all of you for supporting us for such a long time. To thank you we’re going to invite you to an intimate live band practice performance online via our Youtube channel and we’ll throw in a free download of a brand new song too! When you ask? Well keep reading our weekly newsletters for updates and date confirmations, but here’s a hint: 10 years, 10 songs, 10 weeks. Since you’ve subscribed to this newsletter we’re letting you know first, so keep your eyes peeled and watch this space for the official announcement!

ROCK OUT RADIO – DEITY’S MUSE PLAYLISTED – please vote for our song!

So, we’ve been playlisted on South Africa’s only online rock radio station, Rock Out Radio (www.roronline.com). 4 new local tracks have been playlisted and we’ve called on YOU to check this cool site out, listen to the 4 new tracks and cast your vote!

The tracks are:

Deity’s Muse – Rhino Skin
Reburn – Outta my mind
Only Forever – Black Sunday
Machine OEM – Erase You

By casting a quick simple vote, you stand a chance to win a R100 CD voucher!
Check it all out by going to www.roronline.com


Here’s a little list of a few reviews of ‘New Trends in Slavery‘ we recently found on the internet for you to check out. All of these sites are really cool too…



Wicked Rock review of New Trends in Slavery

Site:  www.wickedrock.net
Rating: 7 out of 10
Quote: “‘Ten Years’ starts quickly and delivers solid build-ups and breakdowns. It’s memorable and deserves a spot on the Billboard charts. The slower paced tracks, ‘Poles Apart’ and ‘Everlost’ are amongst the best. Wayne’s voice feels comfortable here. Gotta love the haunting guitar in ‘Poles Apart’ too. My favourite, enough to be one of the best of songs 2010, is the pounding ‘The Weight of Guilt’. It kicks off heavy and gets balanced by a beautifully melodic chorus.”

Site: www.makesomenoise.co.za
Rating: 8 out of 10
Quote: “In terms of vocal and musical content, there are three tracks that somewhat immediately stand out on ‘New Trends In Slavery’… and simply put: They grab you by the shoulders and exact the attention of your ears! These unique tracks are: ‘Ten Years,’ ‘Poles Apart,’ and ‘The Man Who Forgot Himself’ which I hope, in some form, find themselves as singles on local radio stations, on the hit charts, and hopefully grace our very own Make Some Noise Radio stations soon. If ‘Poles Apart’ doesn’t hit the top ten in the South African music charts, then I seriously question the integrity of the systems of judging music quality in this country and its music mediums.”

Site: www.musicreview.co.za
Rating: 7 out of 10
Quote: “It’s a well put-together album, easy to read and unaffected, but which puts across its message in an artistic way. Of all the bands in South Africa, Deity’s Muse is one that deserves our respect and support.”


DATE: Friday, 27 May 2011
VENUE: Rafterz, Vanderbiljpark
BANDS: Deity’s Muse, Only Forever, Second Time Round

DATE: Saturday, 4 June 2011
VENUE: Sundowners, Alberton
BANDS: Deity’s Muse, Warthane, Contrast The Water, Bile of Man

DATE: Saturday, 11 June 2011
VENUE: Sundowners, Alberton
BANDS: Deity’s Muse, We Shall Embrace, State Dependency, Red Helen

DATE: Saturday, 25 June 2011
VENUE: TBC, Magaliesberg
BANDS: Deity’s Muse, TBC

More shows coming your way! Will let you know as and when they get confirmed!

Well there you have it for this week!

Thanks for reading, thanks for the support and rock hard always!

Deity’s Muse

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