Touring is hectic. Our international adventure, part 1

It’s taken me forever to finally write a blog entry about the crazy international tour we recently had the privilege of experiencing. It’s taken me this long because of a) jet lag recovery with the added pain in the ass of no internet connection for an entire week, and b) I’m still speechless – but pictures speak a thousand words. Thank fuck.

You need a beer to calm your nerves for a big trip with your band (the same band you’ve been with for 11 years) when that trip includes playing shows at The 100 Club in London and The Viper Room in Hollywood, not to mention a 1 hour long slot in Berlin. We’ve worked incredibly hard for this opportunity and we’ve practiced damn hard for this. Dammit! Of course we need a beer to celebrate our first ever international tour. Cheers.


We were greeted at Tegel airport by our Swiss friend, Evelyn. She tagged along with us to our Berlin and London shows. She speaks German fluently and knows the transport system in London and Berlin like a boss! Just what we needed. Since 2/3 of us had never been overseas before. Here we are enjoying Curry Wurst and some golden nectar from the gods, Berliner Kindl beer.  Hail!



We only had 1 day in Berlin, with our show at Dunckerclub later that evening. We managed to check out the remains of the Berlin Wall. You can Google a pic of the wall, so we’ll just share a pic of us with The Predator instead.

Our show at Dunckerclub was great! First ever Deity’s Muse show outside of South Africa. Thank you Berlin. What an amazing city. The venue was tiny but they sure know how to treat a band. Free drinks and food all night for us. Plus, they paid us for our performance too. Here we usually play 40 minute sets. So it was great being told we had to play for over an hour. We had a very responsive crowd and the head banging began right from the second track onwards. We nearly overslept as we were enjoying ourselves a little too much after our show. We got to bed at around 3am. Our flight to London was at 6am. Ouch!

London was rainy on our first day there, which also happened to be the day of our 100 Club show. After a grueling walk to the hotel with all our gear, we all took showers (not together, sick bastards) and headed to the nearest pub for a classic English pub lunch.


One of my favourite Deity’s Muse shows ever took place on Friday, 5th October at the world famous 100 Club. Famous isn’t an overstatement. Sex Pistols, Metallica, White Stripes, Paul McCartney, Alice Cooper, Eric Clapton and Mick Jagger have all rocked that stage, and framed photos documenting these performances are on display throughout the venue. We were third on the bill and we opened with Ten Years. I remember feeling goosebumps covering me within a matter of split seconds after the applause we received for Poles Apart that night. A priceless moment I’ll never ever forget. It was a successful show and we handed free CDs out to members of the crowd afterwards.  After a long night out on the town we finally got to bed at around 4am.  The next day was spent shopping briefly, then relaxing in the pub watching football and hanging out with long lost friends.  LA was our next destination.  We couldn’t wait.

Part two coming next week, in the mean time here’s a brand new song which you can download for free.  Be sure to check our gig guide out as we’ve also updated that with a few shows on our home soil.  🙂

Download ‘BOTH SIDES


Rock hard,



* All 100 Club photos courtesy of William Adams Photography

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  1. November 7, 2012 at 9:45 am

    Awesome. Fun and real. Great to hear how it went! Hope you lads put up some photo galleries to show me more.

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