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Hello friends!

It’s been awhile.  A very happy, but very belated New Year to you all.  Though we’ve taken 2 months off on the gigging front we’ve been far from lazy.  We’ve been busy writing new music while rehearsing older Deity’s Muse tracks we’ve not played in years.  We’re also in the planning stages of a really cool music video for our latest single ‘I’m The Observer’.  We’re also in the process of putting some big future plans together… but all will be revealed in due course!  For now, I’m sure you guys are wondering when you can join us at a show again… well fear not!  Party time approaches and if you scroll down you’ll be able to see where we’re playing in the very near future.  More gigs are currently in the planning stages and we will keep you up to speed as and when confirmations come through!  OK… enough of my babbling… on with this week’s news!


Date:  Saturday, 3 March 2012
Venue:  Zeplins Nightclub, 48 West Street, Centurion (opposite Supersport Park)
Bands:  Deity’s Muse with Sacrifist, Bloodbeast, In Dreams, Bile of Man
Entrance:  R40

Date:  Saturday, 28 April 2012
Venue:  Emalyth’s 4 Arts Expo, Wolmer Events Arena, Pretoria
Bands:  Deity’s Muse with Boargazm, Killatoria, Therapayne, Of One Design, All Forlorn, Wrust, Maximum Carnage.  (Deity’s Muse on stage at 6pm)
Entrance:  R60

Date:  Saturday, 28 April 2012
Venue:  Sunfest 3 @ Sundowners, Alberton
Bands:  Deity’s Muse with Kill The Messenger, Poverty of Ideals, A Fate Like Yours, When Karma Sleeps, Climate Control, More Than Conquerors, Freedom For Your Life (Deity’s Muse on stage at 9pm)
Entrance:  R60

** More gig announcements coming soon!  Watch this space! **


Yip!  You read that correctly.  We’ll be recording and filming a lot more this year than we ever have before!  Our first single of 2012 is already available for download.  Click the SoundCloud link below to download the ‘radio edit’ of ‘I’m The Observer‘.  We’ll be using the radio edit of this track for our first video of 2012.  We’ll be working once again with our hard rocking friends from Apex Multimedia who you guys will remember as the fine individuals who brought you our ‘10 years live‘ videos available on our Youtube channel as of July last year.  We’ll be releasing some sneak peek pictures of the video shoot as soon as they become available!


That’s correct, folks!  If you don’t know by now, I’m co-hosting a radio show called ‘Before The Witching Hour‘ on MixFM (93.8Fm) with Tamara Jeunette who is no stranger to the SA alternative / metal DJ circuit.  We play metal / alternative / rock / SA rock every Tuesday night from 9pm to midnight.  We also keep you up to speed with the latest happenings in the alternative music scene as well as interview local and international bands on the show.  So tune in every Tuesday night on 93.8FM, audio streaming at!  I personally think this is the loudest radio show in the country! haha


Our newest feature with each newsletter going forward is ‘Outside The Music’.  ‘Outside The Music’ will showcase really cool and interesting links the band members of Deity’s Muse find on the internet.  So interesting in fact, that we just have to share it with the world!  So without any further ado, here’s what we’ve found this week for you in the second installment of this feature…

Seether is OBSESSED with Justin Bieber  – A laugh-a-second video from the Conan O’Brien show proving that South Africa’s Seether sure know how to make fun of themselves… and that midget kid! haha – well worth watching!

Google Street View Pictures Captured By Accident – I found this at The Guardian UK’s website, you have to see these! Artist Jon Rafman‘s photo project The Nine Eyes of Google Street View, named after the nine lenses mounted on a Google Street View car, collects the strange and beautiful images they capture by accident from around the world.

Dave Grohl’s acceptance speech for Foo Fighters’ Grammy Award  – He was wearing a Slayer T-Shirt and he raised some very valuable, valid points!  We salute Mr. Grohl for his wise words!  Watch, listen, enjoy!

And that’s all for now!  We hope to see you all at our upcoming shows!  We look forward to bringing you tons of new Deity’s Muse music and videos during 2012 and guaranteed there will be some pretty amazing shows to look forward too!

Rock hard,
Deity’s Muse

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  1. February 22, 2012 at 7:09 pm

    Ha ha. That wig so suits Shaun.

    • February 22, 2012 at 10:39 pm

      Yip! I’ve watched that video over and over… just hilarious.

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